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  • AI-enabled talent acquisition solutions can cut talent acquisition costs dramatically.

  • Eliminate the guesswork when it comes to hiring the top talent.

  • Our evidence-based application screening helps you make the right IT talent choice.

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  • Is job hunting and waiting for recruiters to contact you is tiring?

  • Don’t spend time and money applying for jobs mindlessly?

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It now takes just minutes to create smart job descriptions and match candidates on Skillojo. Our techniques are used by Fortune 500 companies. No job decisions will be made on a whim.

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Before using Skillojo

Average of 22 job applications in month with zero phone calls.

The global pandemic has ravaged huge multinational ICT firms, decimating teams of highly successful and skilled employees. Even for high-profile leaders with great ability, breaking into the employment market has been difficult. The majority of the time, an App called Application Tracking System makes the decision.

Is an applicant tracking system (ATS) the key to better recruitment outcomes?
Many executives were blissfully ignorant that the recruiter’s notion of an “ideal leader” had shifted. Many recruiters are using posting outdate job postings to hire people for the future of work.

- We help candidate to stand out from the ‘applicant’ crowd. ATS is used by 99 percent of Fortune 500 businesses, with only 2% of applications being accepted.
- If you want your people to thrive in organizations, you want both talent matching and emotional intelligence strategy.
- Our candidates have been thoroughly vetted and are ready to fill in the gaps in your company’s hard and soft skills.

Why Skillojo

Did you know your people are your most important expensive asset?
At Skillojo, we arm business leaders with relevant analytics to make the right hiring decisions to create a highly engaged and motivated workforce.

A distinct workplace requires a distinct workforce.
You can’t build anything unique, distinctive, and compelling in the workplace until you first build something unique, meaningful, and engaging for the workforce. And hiring for attitude and training for competence is the best way to create something distinct in the company.


10 job applications, 3 phone calls with recruiters, 2 job offers


Finally, you can now hire for attitude and train for skill with Skillojo’s AI-powered talent acquisition platform.

AI Resume Optimizer

Our experience tells us that every job that you apply for requires a uniquely customized resume to that particular job description.

AI Skill Comparison

Our experience tells us that every job that you apply for requires a uniquely customized resume to that particular job description.

AI Up Skills

We’ve made determining skill gaps a breeze. To help you develop a compelling resume, we use AI-powered skill recommendations.

AI Talent Match

Our advanced analytics help organizations and candidates make faster-recruiting decisions. We offer candidates who are assessed for the right talent as well as their soft skills.

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AI Job Description Builder

Our AI-enabled Job Description Builder Platform is the culmination of more than twenty-five years of experience as a high-tech hiring manager.

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AI Skills Generator

Skills are a common language between people looking for work and those looking to connect people to the labor market. Spend less time worrying about your JD posting and more time talking to the qualified talent you want to hire.

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It’s not just the results, but we get you meaningful results

We transform groundbreaking leadership insights into a fresh new paradigm for thousands of business leaders.

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients have said

Intelligent job searches

I’ve been searching for jobs for well over six-months with no luck at all. Even getting a call from a recruiter has been difficult these days. Once I signed up to use Skillojo, I applied for eights jobs in four weeks, I got three phone calls and 2 interviews. It is amazing what intelligent job search can do for you.

Thomas Heaton
Media Production Executive

Individualised support

I found it difficult to get any kind of personalized support at my University. I graduated with excellent GPA, but finding a graduate role was absolutely elusive to me. I contact Skillojo, the individualised support they provided me was just right. I got hired in less than two weeks of contacting Skillojo.

Mia Miyazawa Graduate
Digital Marketer

The right directions to up-skill

I have been an individual contributor for more than twelve years, I was feeling stuck in my role and I wanted to be more than a solution architect. I checked out Skillojo platform and took a career coaching session with them. They showed my skills inventory and my leadership skills. They also pointed me in the right directions to up-skill. I feel very confident to get my next level role soon.

Lionel Francis
Solution Architect

Match rate for each job

I’ve never written a resume for well over twenty years. I had just lost my job due to COVID-19 related restructuring at my current employer, I was stressing out for the lack of responses from recruiters. Little did I know that a software was rejecting my application. I signed up to check out if my resume matched to any jobs in and around my area. I was surprised to see that the Skillojo platform was able to find the right jobs, and also the match rate for each job. This is what I needed. Thanks.

Allen Middleton
Director, Customer Service

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We believe hiring for attitude and training for competence is the best way to create something distinct in the workplace.

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